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Everybody’s different. Trees are different. Let them all be individuals. Just pretend you are a whisper floating across a mountain. We don’t really know where this goes – and I’m not sure we really care. We wash our brush with odorless thinner. A beautiful little sunset. And right there you got an almighty cloud.

That’s what painting is all about. It should make you feel good when you paint. Nice little clouds playing around in the sky. It’s important to me that you’re happy. The very fact that you’re aware of suffering is enough reason to be overjoyed that you’re alive and can experience it. Let your imagination be your guide. Nature is so fantastic, enjoy it. Let it make you happy.

But we’re not there yet, so we don’t need to worry about it. Isn’t that fantastic? This is a happy place, little squirrels live here and play.

Just make little strokes like that. The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe. We tell people sometimes: we’re like drug dealers, come into town and get everybody absolutely addicted to painting. It doesn’t take much to get you addicted. Paint anything you want on the canvas. Create your own world. The least little bit can do so much.

Let’s put some happy little bushes on the other side now. The little tiny Tim easels will let you down. Take your time. Speed will come later. It’s a very cold picture, I may have to go get my coat. It’s about to freeze me to death.

Maybe there’s a little something happening right here. We have all at one time or another mixed some mud. Have fun with it. We want to use a lot pressure while using no pressure at all. See there how easy that is. Just think about these things in your mind and drop em’ on canvas.

I started painting as a hobby when I was little. I didn’t know I had any talent. I believe talent is just a pursued interest. Anybody can do what I do. This is your creation – and it’s just as unique and special as you are. You want your tree to have some character. Make it special. Just take out whatever you don’t want. It’ll change your entire perspective. You can do it.