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Do I Really Need A Website Part 2

In part one of Do I Really Need a Website we looked at how small businesses could start building their online presence. We talked about how easy it is to use social media sites like facebook, and twitter to begin building a crowd around your business. Today we want to talk about the reasons your small business should have a website and how you could be leaving money on the table because you don’t have your own website. With the advent of Content Management Systems, such as Word Press You can learn and educate your staff how to update your website on a daily basis if necessary. The new business model is interactive, if you are not engaging to your customers, you will be losing out to the competitor who is conversing with their customers. The days of new customers finding you in the yellow pages are for the most part long gone. These days customers search the internet for a company to do business with usually, before they look at the phone book, and in some cases a customer will look to the internet before they ask friends and family for a recommendation. In some cases customers will not give their business to companies that do not have a website. Some other reasons to have your own website is that you create trust and a positive business image. In the days of old, websites were created one page at a time, and they were very expensive to build, and maintain. Today if you know how to use the internet you can set up a website in 20 minutes or less. Here is great article on how. Use the link below to get your website started now.