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Use these 6 simple steps to increase your digital marketing budgets ROI

I read this article on Sitepronews and found it to be very helpful. It is written by Adriana Tica and has some great information. Find out more about the article here and more about Adriana here. You’ve signed the contract with your new agency and now you’re itching to see your money put to good […]

How to know what my website needs

Here is a printable checklist that will tell you what your website needs to be ready for your customers.

25 SEO Secrets the pros don’t want you to know

Domain Name – Your domain name should be brandable (example: Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, etc.), easy to say, and even easier to remember. Don’t worry too much about stuffing keywords into your domain name. Keywords in domain names no longer have the punch they used to. Simple Design – Don’t reinvent the wheel. If your design […]


I’m sitting here at my work desk on the Fourth of July, Independence Day in the United States. My family has left for the evening, to go to the local fireworks display. I chose to stay home and write this post. What does freedom mean to you? I was asked that today, and I didn’t […]

Do I Really Need A Website Part 2

In part one of Do I Really Need a Website we looked at how small businesses could start building their online presence. We talked about how easy it is to use social media sites like facebook, and twitter to begin building a crowd around your business. Today we want to talk about the reasons your […]

Do I really need a website?

I’m asked by a lot of people if they really need a website. I always and emphatically tell them maybe. It seems in today’s digital world that there is not a company in the world that is not online, but there are plenty. I like to tell my clients that if they want more business […]